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Our Mission:

The Cambridge Circle is a free platform for unique events, and projects that aim to expand the intellectual horizons of young minds around the world.


Join us to gain exclusive access to carefully curated events, where you will meet like-minded friends and inspirational mentors.

About Us.

The Cambridge Circle is a not-for-profit initiative created and supported by the Cambridge Centre for International Research (CCIR), a research organisation that partners with professors at top-tier universities to offer research programmes for students around the world.


For more information on the Cambridge Centre for International Research (CCIR) and its student research programmes, please visit

Our Vision

What kind of projects should I expect to see from Cambridge Circle?

The CCIR Academy has previously hosted a few similar events. For example, Re: Think is an annual essay competition where high school students can submit their investigations to be judged by leading Cambridge academics. Another event recently hosted was the CCIR X YIP policython. Students were divided into groups and encouraged to write a policy proposal on social media to send to potential stakeholders. The winners were awarded prizes of varying degrees in both events, including scholarships, cash prizes, gift cards, and internships. 

What makes Cambridge Circle projects different from other project-providing organizations? 

Cambridge Circle is an interactive online platform that directly contacts other individuals with similar interests. It connects like-minded bright participants through groups and events, where they are free to discuss intellectual topics in an easily accessible manner. It aims to not only educate but foster reflection and involvement. The project is also associated with high-level academic institutions and connects young people to experts across various fields. It provides an opportunity to gain knowledge not always readily available to the general public while encouraging individual growth and pursuit of personal interests.

Is it possible to suggest a project to Cambridge Circle? What do the partnerships look like in Cambridge Circle? 

The partnerships usually take the form of annual events in the case of long-term collaborations and one-time projects in the case of short-term associations. However, we are very flexible with possible project proposals and potential partnerships and are open to suggestions. It is entirely possible and encouraged to suggest a project to Cambridge Circle by reaching out via an email to

Sungbin (Benny) Hwang


Benny is a current undergraduate student at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University and he is in charge of overseeing all operations in the Cambridge Circle. Over the past four years, he had over a dozen internships and volunteer positions in local and federal government branches, nonprofit organizations, and think tanks in Korea and globally. Through the Cambridge Circle initiative, he attempts to provide quality events and exploration opportunities that could widen students' perspectives on their interested academic fields outside of classrooms.


Tessa Aguilar

Associate Director

Tessa Aguilar is a third-year Political Science major at the University of California, Los Angeles. She takes great pride in her positions in various pre-law and student government organizations and resources on campus, such as the Undergraduate Students Association Council, Latinx Pre-Law Association, and Bruin Political Union. Upon joining the Cambridge Circle, she hopes to provide more accessible and intuitive topics in academia that will help students better critically assess current events and create rational judgments. 

Victoria Svetlova

Associate Director

Victoria is currently a high school student living in Italy, who has recently joined the CCIR Academy after participating in a policython hosted by the organisation, and has now transitioned to Cambridge Circle. Her goal is for others to experience the same sense of community and support that she did when taking part in CCIR, where presenting your ideas is not only possible but also encouraged. 

Our Team

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